How to make natural food coloring

My dear friend Sandy and I recently spent an afternoon testing a few new recipes. Somewhere along the way she turned to me and said: “we spend so much time researching healthy recipes, but this food coloring is unhealthy!” It suddenly struck me that I had never really thought about this before. It had always been like wallpaper to me. I know! It’s quite an oversight!

So I decided to go out there to the vast Internet and Google for some natural ways to create food coloring that goes along with our healthy goals. It would be easy to find something satisfactory, right? Nope! It turned out to be an hour long process of searching, checking and vetting before I finally stumbled across this wonderful video.

Sandy and I are ecstatic and we have already tested 4 different colors. I hope you get as much pleasure out of this as we did 🙂