7 Tips for Time-Saving Vacuum Cleaning

A quick glance at the carpet tells you it’s time to vacuum again. But if looking at the clock means you don’t have the time – then the dilemma is perfect. Vacuuming takes time, doesn’t it? With a few tricks you can save time and clean your home quickly.

Tip 1: Preparation in the room

Before you take out the vacuum cleaner, you should remove all disturbing objects. When the vacuum cleaner is already in use, the to-and-fro motion ensures idling times, unnecessary power consumption and annoying interruptions. So first remove floor vases, lanterns and shoes, put all chairs on the table. So you can then vacuum through the entire room in one go without having to set it down just once. Using a broom to sweep smooth floors before vacuuming can also save time when vacuuming.

Tip 2: Readiness of the vacuum cleaner for use

You want to vacuum fast, but the vacuum cleaner has little power? Then the vacuum cleaner bag or collection container is usually full. This can be annoying if you are under time pressure. Therefore, always check filters and bags after use. So that the vacuum cleaner is safe to use during the next cleaning.

Tip 3: The right socket and cable length

If you want to remove dirt from a room with a vacuum cleaner, look for a socket from which you can reach the entire room. Nothing is more annoying than reaching the limit of your reach and having to change the power supply in the middle of vacuuming. Therefore, pull out the cable completely at the beginning and start in the furthest corner. This way you know how far you can get and you don’t always have to stop to pull the cable. At the same time, the cable is also protected from overheating.

Tip 4: Use a pet hair vacuum

Pet hair is especially hard to deal with and can be a real nuicance – as much as we love our dogs. Today, there are lots of options for specialized pet hair vacuums that pet owners like me can use. They are a lot better than normal vacuums at picking up fur from all places, no matter if it’s a carpet, upholstery, or hardwood floor. This saves a lot of time and nerves!

Tip 5: Methodical vacuuming

Quickly sucked through the room and that’s it? This usually does not result in a satisfactory result. It is easy to overlook areas and time-consuming repairs are necessary. Instead, take a methodical look at the room with the vacuum cleaner. Start at the back and work your way towards the door. In this way you not only vacuum all areas, but also prevent dirt from spreading again to areas that have already been vacuumed.

Tip 6: Vacuum slowly, ultimately saving time

Who sucks slower, is faster finished. This may sound paradoxical at first and make little sense under time pressure. But the slower you drive the floor nozzle over carpet and co, the more effective you clean. If you sweep over the floor too quickly, you won’t be able to pick up enough dirt and will have to work on the areas more frequently. In the end this takes much longer. So vacuum your floor at a slow and steady pace and don’t let the rush rub off on your movements!

Tip 7: More often is more

If you vacuum more often, you have to remove less dirt. This also makes using the vacuum cleaner more time-efficient. If you don’t have the time yourself to constantly clean carpets, parquet and the like, then you should think about a vacuum robot. This robot can clean your home several times a week without you having to do anything yourself. Simply program the times once and then all you have to do is check and change the dirt containers. With the large cleaning you should clean then once with the floor vacuum cleaner.